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Eat and Drink: Maui, Hawaii

 What to Eat and Drink in Maui, Hawaii There were so many places to eat and drink in Maui and I will share the locations I loved and I know you will love too!  1. Lineage Do yourself a favor and book a reservation at Lineage ASAP! I seriously need to go back to Maui just to try more of their drinks, dishes, and desserts. You need a reservation here to be seated. We were lucky enough to get a seat at the bar because the place was booked. 2. Fleetwood's on Front Street Yes, you need to do yourself another favor and get  yourself a reservation at Fleetwood's on Front Street. Seriously, this was the best wagyu beef Wellington that I have ever put into my mouth.  I will be dreaming about this forever. Again, you need to make a reservation at this spot. I don't know why but places in Maui get booked real quick. 3. Tamura's Fine Wine & Liquors Kihei  When my husband took me to a wine and liquor store to get poke, I was initially confused. I asked him to show me pictures of

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