Floaty Away With Me


Patapsco Valley State Park 
Avalon Area
5120 South Street
 Arbutus, MD 21227 

Who said adventures have to make your bank account frown? Come here and try tubing at this location. It cost a in-state car two dollars to get in during the weekdays. I went on the weekend too and it cost three dollars per person.  I know most people work on the weekdays, so this might not be an option. Either way, it's a steal for what you get. The location is gorgeous and there are endless hiking trails. You can spend the morning hiking and then go relax by the stream after the long trek. I bought two floaties which cost 15 dollars each and they held up perfectly. 

Grand total for an On-A-Budget Adventure:
     $2.00 per car that entered
+  $30 for the two floaties

Some tips I have:
-Bring your own food and water
-Bring a comfy blanket to lay out
-Wear water shoes 

If you have ever been tubing you know it costs over thirty dollars per person. Not to mention, you don't get cute floaties at the end of the day. This On-A-Budget Adventure will keep your bank account happy and keep your soul smiling!