Influencer VoxBox

What is Influencer?
Influencer is a way for you to discover new products and read honest reviews about things you are dying to try. Once you sign up for influencer, you can get a VoxBox. This is a box filled with free products and most of the time you can get full sized products. In return, you need to review the products and post about them on your social media accounts.

When do I get a VoxBox?
Be on the look out for emails. Once you are picked for a VoxBox, they will send you a notification to your linked email address. After you open the email, you have a set amount of time to let them know you are interested!

How an I sign up for Influencer?
1. Click Here to make your own Influencer. It is free and takes no time!

2. Fill out your profile completely. This will let them know which VoxBox you will be interested in.

3. Connect your social media accounts. This will give you an impact score. Your impact score will be based on the number of followers on your social media accounts.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. 
Let me know what VoxBox you receive!

Check out all the VoxBoxes I received: