Ten Things to Know Before You Go to Antelope Canyon

Ten things you need to know before you go to Antelope Canyon. 

1. There are two parts of the canyon. There is the upper part and the lower part. The place where you see all the instagram photos are at the Lower Antelope Canyon. 

2. When you get to the Lower Antelope Canyon, there are two different tours you can take. There is the Ken's Tour and the Dixie Ellis' tour. There is no difference between the two tours, so just pick the one you want to do to. 

3. Make Reservations for the tour before you go (especially when you go during peak season)! There is no fee and you can skip the busy rush. Here are the links to make your reservations.

4. They can only do guided tour through the Canyon. This is because it can be very dangerous and they have to make sure you go during a safe time. 

5. It cost 28 dollars to get into the lower canyons. Parking is free and if you are a teacher they give you a teacher discount! Shout out to all the hard working teachers in this world <3 Also, you have to tip your tour guide, so make sure you take some smaller bills to thank them at the end of your adventure. 

6. Make sure you use the bathroom before going on the tour. Once you get in, there is nothing but canyon and sand. On the other hand, make sure you bring water because you might get thirsty. I know this is a double edge sword.  

7. I know on instagram this place looks tranquil and peaceful, but the reality is that you're going in a group tour so getting photographs can be super tricky. There are a lot of people and you have to wait until people are out of your view. Be prepared to battle for the best photo spots. 

8. There are steep stairs, so make sure you wear sturdy shoes to feel safe. I just wore combat boots. When you get into the canyons, you might get chilly because there is very little light coming in, so take a coverup if you get cold easily (like I do). See below for what I wore. 

9.  Have fun and let the experience blow your mind away! You are going to love it and it's going to be an experience that you will never forget. It will forever be ingrained in your mind as one of the most majestic things you have ever seen. 

10. Make sure you visit Horseshoe Bend after your trip to Antelope Canyon. Plan Horseshoe Bend during the early morning or later the afternoon, because Antelope Canyon is best when the light beams are out. Horseshoe Bend is a ten minute drive from the canyons and there is no hike to get to the beautiful view.