Build Forts Around Your Heart

Old San Juan is like any broken girl's heart. First, you will see an overwhelming fort that will leave you feeling isolated and abandoned. However, as you continue your journey through this city, you will see a glimmer of hope.

 At the top of the hill, you will be captivated by San Felipe del Morro Fortress. This fort will tower over you and fill you with undeniable loneliness and pain. The fort is so big and you are so small. This will make you feel like the only person stranded on the island's edge. The dark colored walls block your view to the endless ocean that you love so much. You will curse the fort. It's preventing you from touching the one thing you long for. Even worst, your journey around the fort will lead you to an eerie view of a white grave yard. Oh the irony, that this is the next sight that a broken hearted girl will see. It will leave your heart even more lifeless than you think.

Just like the fort that was build around the sea, your broken heart has built a fort to protect it from anymore broken hearts. You will relate to Felipe del Morro Fortress so much at that moment.

But every story needs a happy ending. You just have to keep walking forward in your journey. Eventually, you will be filled with color and joy as you walk through the vibrant streets of Old San Juan. Each building will be colored with different hues of pastel, luscious flowers will cover the buildings, and you will hear the lively music throughout the streets. Every turn will lead you to a new alley and sight.

Eventually, I know every broken girl's heart will find joy and love. She will be strong enough to break down that fort that guards her precious heart. Then maybe, just maybe, she can reach the ocean that she loves.