Plane Jane Being Plain

There is nothing more basic and plain than searching for pretty murals. So when I heard about Santurce es Ley the Art District, I had to get my plain self there.

What is Santurce es Lay the Art District?
This is an area with beautiful street art scattered all throughout the city. You can see murals that were created by some of the best graffiti artists around the world. If you are searching for a specific mural, be prepared to go on a treasure hunt. You might be able to find it, but the area is so large that it is possible that you will miss it completely. But if you keep your eyes open, you can stumble on  prettier murals than your original one. Oh, an important side note is that the murals are constantly changing, which will make your treasure hunt even more difficult.

How Do I Get There?
The highest concentration of street art is at Fernandez Juncos at Prada 22. Once you get to Prada 28, you will notice less and less street art.

So now it's your turn to be basic and plain<3

A fellow basic b****,
Plane Jane