A Local Beach

Condado Beach has huge waves and can be dangerous at times, but there is a calmer beach that locals love. The beach is called Playita del Condado.

What Did I Like?
First of all, this beach is gorgeous. You can see the waves crashing into the huge rocks, which adds to the serenity of the place. Oh, and not to mention the crystal clear water! Most importantly, I like how the beach is calm. The hotels protect the beach from the wind and the rocks break up the waves. It is a perfect place to bring your own floaty to relax. Also, if you have your own snorkeling gear, make sure to bring it.

What's Not to Like?
The beach is located right off the road, so it can feel hectic and it can get loud. Also, the sand gets rocky as you get deeper, so water shoes would be a good idea. I do have to warn you that this beach is small, so I can see it getting crowded on the weekend. I came on a weekday, so it was just right.

How Do You Get Here?
Playita del Condado is located on Ashford Avenue. It is in between Ashford Avenue Bridge and Condado Plaza Hilton. Use the to map to help you locate the beach.
Let me know about your visit!
Plane Jane