Cruise Port: Aruba

First of all, the transportation system here is developed and you can get just about anywhere using the public bus. There is a flat rate of $2.60 per person to ride the bus each time. In addition, there were people driving personal buses around. They would just pick up random passengers on the street and offer to take them to their destination. Just be careful and be mindful about your safety. I felt safe taking the personal buses, but you never know. For a schedule and more information about the public bus CLICK HERE.     

Do You Want to See Flamingos?
Aruba is known for their beach filled with flamingos. It was my Instagram dream to get a photo with these majestic creatures. However, when I found out how inconvenient and expensive it was to go see the flamingos, I opted out of the experience. Here is what I found out during my research for my failed quest.

First of all, the flamingos are in a secluded island that is owned by the Renaissance Hotel. You have to get to the hotel early in the morning in order to get a day pass on the island. You can get to Renaissance Hotel from the cruise ship by walking. Here is a map, so you can find it.   
To get a day pass to see Flamingos, it costs $100 per person. You get a boat ride to the secluded island and then you can relax on the island and take pictures with the flamingos.

Okay, so I went with a big group. There were six of us and we were shocked when we heard it would cost $600 for all of us to get to the island, so we thought about buying a hotel room for the day. If you buy a hotel room, you get free access to the island. However, this was not a good option because they only allow the amount of occupants to go to the island at one time.

So What Did I Do?
I couldn't see flamingos, but I found a pink wall instead! Yes, the pink wall was still Instagram worthy, so I had nothing to complain about. First, I shopped around downtown and bought souvenirs. Then, I took a bus to Eagle Beach and explored the area. To get there, you need to take bus 10, 10a or 10b from the bus stop from across the port. Look below for photos.
Aruba was a dream come true and a memorable experience that I will cherish forever.
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