How to Get a Yelp Elite Badge

If you are not a YELP Elite yet, then you need to become one immediately! Being a Yelp Elite is a lot easier than it looks. I will tell you everything you need to know to get that shiny red badge on your Yelp profile.

What is a Yelp Elite?
Yelp Elites are Yelp users who are an active part of the community. To make your own Yelp profile, CLICK HERE. As an Elite, you write reviews, interact with other Yelpers, add pictures to businesses, and so much more. In return, you become part of the Yelp Elite community. This means you get to go to free events in your city and throughout the country/world! The events can range from a spa night to a full course meal. Click the links below to see what Yelp Events I have been to:

What are the Minimum Requirements? 
1) You must be at least 21 years old
A lot of Elite events serve alcohol, so you need to be at least 21 years of age in order to attend. 

2)  Use your real name and a real photo of yourself. 
Yelp wants to ensure you are a real person writing real reviews for businesses. They want to make sure you can be a reliable source. Importantly, they want someone who can stand by their reviews.

3) Elite members cannot be business owners. 
If you are a business owner CLICK HERE for your own site. 

How Do I Become a Yelp Elite? 
If you meet all the requirements above you are ready to obtain your very own Yelp Elite badge. Here are some tips on how I got my Yelp badge. 
1) Write Reviews and Include Photos 
When you start, you need to write at least 40 quality reviews to be considered to apply for the badge. 
Here is an example of a review on my profile: 
You can include your experience, the food that you ate, the ambiance, and the service. Make sure you add a photo to your review, so Yelpers can see what you are talking about. 

2) Add Other Yelpers as Friends 
Yelp is a great place because you get a sense of community. It is encouraged to add other Yelpers to your account. You should interact with them by liking their tips, check ins and reviews. In addition, you can send them compliments and you will get compliments in return. 

3) Check-In to Establishments 
Checking in is a great feature to use. It allows you to keep track of places you have been to and helps spread the word of business around you. Other yelpers can see your check ins. There were many times I saw someones check in and I visited the establishment soon after. 

4) Nominate Yourself or Ask Someone to Nominate You
Finally, once you feel like you built up your Yelp profile, ask someone to nominate you as a Yelp Elite. You can even nominate yourself. CLICK HERE for the nomination form. Continue to write reviews and stay active throughout the year. After each year, you will need to send in a form to be re-evaluated for a new yelp badge.

Share some of your own tips for Yelpers! 
Happy Yelping.