Put Together a Fashionable Halloween Costume

I'm not ashamed to say that I still love dressing up and Halloween is another excuse to do just that. However, I know you're not that little girl playing with your mother's dresser anymore. So in this post, I'll share tips on how to put together a fashionable costume.

1. Don't buy a prepackaged costume
I know it can be easy to buy a costume with everything conveniently packaged for you in one bag. However, doing this limits your options. You can't add your own style. Not to mention, those outfits are childish, poorly made, and tacky. Rather, look through your closet or go out and buy items that fit your body. This will upgrade your look and let your style shine through. 

2. Find basic apparel 
Find pieces that are basic and that can be easily accessorized to resemble what you want. For example, if you are going as a unicorn, find a skirt that is pastel and a top that matches. All you need to do is find wings and a unicorn horn. Look at some examples below.
3. Accessorize 
Accessories are what makes or breaks your costume. Be creative with it. I always feel like the more subtle the references are, the more endearing the costume will be. For example, if you are Little Red Riding Hood, don't get a real basket. Rather, you can opt for a basket bag. CLICK HERE for an example.

4. Have fun and be confident
There is no right or wrong in fashion, so do what makes you happy. Just follow the tips above and add your own twist of creativity. Then, you will end up with a truly fashionable ensemble.

Plane Jane 

PS: Share your fashionable costume that you put together!


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