If you are looking for a basket bag, then I would recommend buying from Kinilush. I got the Ulu the Label Sulawesi Big Round Bag and I am in love with it!
What I Love
Where do I even start? I love the look of the bag. It has a true bohemian vibe and the quality of the bag is a lot better than I was anticipating. The leather straps are durable and the basket bag was made with care.  The bag's size and length is perfect for me. It falls at the perfect height against my body. Not to mention, the bag is lightweight, but still feels sturdy and strong. Also, the lining of the bag is beautiful. The inside of the bag is colorful and it is a cute surprise when you open the bag. They also give you an adorable dust bag!

What Do I Not Like?
I wasn't a fan of the smell of the bag. On the site it said that the smell is from the bag being smoked over coconut husks. The smell is still lingering in my closet and gets soaked into my clothes. However, with time I'm sure the scent will slowly disappear.

See How I Styled the Bag
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California Lighthouse
Hello There Pumpkin
Trust me, you will not be disappointed with this purchase!
Plane Jane


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