A Letter to My Future Husband's Exes

Dear Exes of My Future Husband,

I am sitting here writing you a letter. I have so much I want to tell you, but I start off by saying thank you. Thank you for enduring all the heartaches that he has caused you. Without your heartaches he would not have learned the valuable lesson on how to treat someone he loves and cares for. I thank you for crying all those tears when he continued to do the things that broke your relationship. I know he saw your tears and learned something. Thank you for caring enough to help him become a better person. You see, I know that without you, my future husband would not be the person he is meant to be. Thank you for helping him get ready to meet me.

I get it, I endured all those heartaches too. I cried the same tears and I felt the same pain. All that anguish and grief was not wasted. You see, it taught my exes to cherish precious moments. To think about how their actions effect someone else. It taught them to be someone better for the next person. In return, I get to meet your ex when he is the best person he can be.

So I thank you and I pray for your happiness. If anything, everyone in this world deserves it.

With a Genuine Heart,
Plane Jane


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