Fall Wedding

Not too long ago, a girl attended a fall wedding in search of a good time. Before the wedding she frantically looked high and low for a dress. At the very last second, she found the perfect one to twirl around in all night.

With so little time she needed to think of a way to put together this perfect find. In a panic, she rummaged through her closet and found bits and pieces to add. She stumbled on a necklace, a silver clutch, a dainty bracelet, and chunky heels. Luckily, this damsel in distress didn't need any fairy godmother. She got the job done all on her own. In the end, she looked like a princess fit for a ball. 

Like any girl at a wedding would, she danced, laughed, and drank throughout the night. 

When the clock struck midnight, she was reminded that she needed to go home for a long nap. But she prevailed on past nightfall. She danced, laughed, and drank beyond one o'clock.

At least she definitely did better than that girl Cinderella.
[O U T F I T      D E T A I L S]
Dress: Express
Bracelet: Banana Republic
Necklace: JCrew
 Clutch: Aldo
Shoes: Steve Madden


  1. The manager was prompt to respond to any question I had, patient with all my bridal anxiety, and most importantly, the entire wedding was managed flawlessly (as was our rehearsal). The food at New York wedding venues was amazing, and the venue was gorgeous.

  2. Your dress was so nice, I think someone used some of your pics to catfish with! You know you've come far when someone else wishes they were you, haha.


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