Future of Sports

Roommate: Are you going to the gym?
Me: No, I'm going to a sports museum.... :/

When I heard that the Future of Sports was coming through DC, I had to make my way there. Future of Sports was a pop-up interactive art installation. There were two stories and majority of the installation was in the basement. They had different interactive rooms like: a soccer field, a basketball court, a track field, and so much more! With an endless amount of rooms to explore, it was easy to snap the perfect Instagram-worthy photo. Each section had their own personality and style. My favorite was the tennis court and football room. They were of course, PINK!

I do have to admit that it was crowded and hard to maneuver from place to place. You just had to be patient and take your time with each room. Yes, that was a workout in itself. Getting from one room to the next and dodging all the people along the way was hard work....
Anyways, below are some photos from my "sport" adventure. 
I tried to look as "sporty" as possible....
[O U T F I T      D E T A I L S]
Shirt: Forever 21
Jean Jacket: rubbish
Hat: free press
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Shoes: Adidas