I Heard it from a Little Bird

I sat there in traffic after a long day at work. There was an endless amount of cars lined up perfectly in three cramped lanes. They too were trying to get home after a long day at work. As I was mindlessly driving, I saw the flickering brake lights in front of me and I slowly began to stop my car. When I came to a halt, I glanced at the car to the right of me. She looked just as miserable. She must have been having all the same thoughts as me. Shit I hate this traffic. She just stared blankly ahead, just like me. But at that moment I caught a glimpse of a fluttering movement from the corner of my eyes. 

I stared and I saw a tranquil bird perched on a green road sign. It wasn't a special bird. It looked like the countless birds I've encountered in my life, but for some reason this ordinary brown bird looked so graceful and alluring in the midst of all the mechanical cars sitting idle in the road. Its feathers rustled in the wind and I saw beautiful white feathers peek out from under the dull brown pieces. It stared peacefully at the horizon. Was the sky that blue the entire time? All I've been noticing were the endless cars in front of me, but this bird was sitting there basking in the sun and appreciating every kiss from the wind. It sat there observing the endless sky. It's endless possibilities to go anywhere its heart desired. He sat there contemplating where his tiny wings would take him next. Did it know how lucky it was to be perched up on that mundane green sign? At that moment, it was just me, my thoughts, and this ordinary bird. 

Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted by a large open space in front of me. It meant I had to follow the cars and it meant I had to close the gap. I drove ahead to try and catch up, but again I saw the flickering red lights. I stopped and I quickly looked through my rear view mirror to see the bird I've grown so attached to, but nothing was on the sign. All I saw through the reflection were the endless cars behind me. I was sitting in traffic alone again. I guess the bird made up its mind.