Guide: A Day in Napa Valley

I road tripped to Napa Valley for a day and below I will go over what I did. 

First, here is a map of wine country. Look at this map to help you know which direction you want to start and where you want to end up. It's basically a straight line of wineries. These are the top ten popular Napa Wineries in 2017. We used this map to figure out which direction we wanted to go. We started at the bottom and picked a few we were certain we wanted to visit. Also, during our drive we stopped at a winery we randomly saw on the side of the road.
Map by Wine Folly
In a day, I think four wineries is a good amount to aim for. This way you have enough time at each place. However, you still get to experience Napa at its fullest in the little time that you have. Remember, some places require a reservation, but most places you can go without one. Therefore, I suggest that you call in advance if there is a place you really want to visit. Here is the list of wineries we stopped at.
This place requires a reservation and each wine tasting was around $30.00 which I thought was reasonable for what we got. I loved all their wines! This place is a must when you are in Napa. To make a reservation call (707) 257-0101. They are open from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM everyday.

2. Alpha Omega
We were driving and we liked the name of this place, so we stopped by. I wouldn't suggest this winery because the wine tasting is pricy. It is $50.00 per tasting and you only get four wines. However, I do have to say this place has the best view of Napa! I loved the outdoor seating area.

We knew we wanted to go to this winery and we were cutting it short on time. Therefore, we decided to skip V. Sattui and go to Castello di Amorosa first in case we did not make it. This is a castle and they have the BEST wine! Seriously this place is a must when you are in Napa. They do not require reservations. Just get there before 5:00 PM and you can get in for a wine tasting.

Luckily, we had just enough time to get to V. Sattui. This is the most affordable winery and it had the cheapest wine tasting. Honestly, they did not have the best wine and I would say their wines were my least favorite out of all the places we visited. However, they have a cute deli that you have to eat at. Also, the winery is relaxing and peaceful.

Planning Your Visit
I would suggest having a rough sketch of where you want to go, but also live in the moment. If there is a place you want to go while you are driving through Napa, you should definitely stop by. Also, pick places you know you want to go to for sure and check the times they close. This way you can try to schedule out a timeline that works for you. 
You will need a car to travel from each winery and all the wineries charge for their tastings. You will definitely have a relaxing and wine filled adventure in Napa Valley.

If you want to know what the weather is like in Napa. CLICK HERE