Tommy Hilfiger Rinah: Review

I am in love with my Tommy Hilfiger Rinah boots! 

I needed weather resistant boots for my trip to Lake Tahoe. Of course, I was last minute and didn't think about them until the very last second. When I saw these at the store, I was hesitant to get them because I didn't know if they could withstand the snow in Lake Tahoe. Also, I didn't know if I loved how they looked on me. However, I am so glad I ended up getting them and I would recommend them to you if you are looking for an affordable and fashionable boot.

What I Love About Them
1. Functional: First of all, these boots are so functional and versatile. Before my road trip to Lake Tahoe, I went to San Francisco. I wore these boots in the warmer weather of San Francisco and it looked fashionable enough to wear with my outfits. When I got to Lake Tahoe, they were useful because of the weather. I walked through water, snow, ice, mud, and basically anything under the sun. In the end, it endured all the abuse. I would also like to add that the soles made me feel stable and I never slipped on the ice. 

2. Comfort: These boots are so comfortable! The inside is fuzzy and warm. I walked around in them for hours and my feet never hurt. It actually feels like you are walking on a puff of cloud. 

3. Affordable: The price of these boots was what attracted me to them. I got them at Macy's for $60.00. I can see that the prices are even cheaper right now! You cannot beat the price and the quality of this thing! 

What I Would Change
1. How much could it really withstand? To be honest, I am questioning the durability of these boots. I am not sure how well they would do in extreme weather conditions. When I went to Tahoe. there were patches of snow. However, it never snowed hard on me and when I walked through the puddles, I felt like my feet were not completely dry. I think these boots are better for mild weather conditions. 

2. One annoying thing:  There is a fuzzy pink lining inside of the shoes. I like how it feels, but it kept moving around, so I had to constantly maneuver it to fit perfectly inside of my shoes. When it got out of place, it was annoying to walk around in. Also, when I took my shoes off there were a lot of pink fuzzy particles all over my socks.

All in all, I love these shoes. If you are looking for an affordable shoe for light weather outings, I would recommend them. However, if you are going somewhere with extreme weather conditions, then these might not be your best option. Hope this review helps in your quest for new rain boots.

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