Lake Tahoe: Donner Lake

Donner Lake
P H O T O  D I A R Y 

Right before my friends and I left Lake Tahoe, we decided to stop by Donner Lake. This Lake is gorgeous and it is the definition of what life on a lake would be like. When you drive down the scenic road all you see on the right side are rustic cabins. On the left side you are captivated by the charming lake. 

There are a lot of piers scattered throughout the lake's edge and you can see people on the piers doing everything you would envision people on a lake would do. When I went, each pier had something different happening. On one pier, there was a couple laying on the end staring into the beautiful sky. On another pier, there were friends fishing with the low hum of calming music. On the pier next to that, there was a family laughing as they captured precious moments on their camera.
I loved Donner Lake and it is a place you must visit! Just pick a pier to relax on all day. Although, I wish I brought some snacks and music along.