The Other Side

"Go ahead. You never know what could be on the other side."

There was a girl who was comfortable on her side of the door. It was familiar and she had grown accustomed to what was around her. There wasn't anything special on this side, but it was just enough for her to not want to leave. The sun gleamed just enough and the grass was green enough. However, deep in her heart she knew that this side of the door left her soul empty. With every passing day, it killed her soul and she longed for something more.

One day, with a brave heart, she hesitantly went through to the other side of the door. As she walked along with a heavy heart, uncertainty, and fear. She gradually began to notice that on the other side of the door there was a mesmerizing view. In front of her was the endless shimmering water surrounded by the greenest grass she had ever seen. On this side, the sun beamed brightly on her face; it kissed every inch of her. It was more than she had ever envisioned. It was a view that filled her once fearful heart with deep joy. In that moment, the new sight put life into her soul that was once broken and killed.

What she didn't know the entire time was that she simply feared the unknown. And by having the courage to go past what she feared, she was able to find the most perfect sight. A sight she once thought was impossible.