Paddle Boarding in Aruba

I wanted to paddle board in Aruba, but finding a spot was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. We went to Eagle Beach which was crowded, so we were certain that there would be somewhere to rent paddle boards. However, there were no stalls with rentals. We kind of roamed around aimlessly until we decided we needed to go somewhere else. That's when we searched for a paddle board spot farther from the touristy beaches. During our search, we saw a paddle board stall that was promising on Hadicurari Beach. Look below for a map of where to go.

When we got to the location there was a parking lot for our car.  We walked onto the beach and immediately saw a stall with paddle boards. For one hour of paddle boarding it was $25.00. However, it was $40.00 for one hour for two paddles. They were not picky about how long we stayed out and even held our stuff as we were out in the water. It was super relaxing and so beautiful. I liked how the water was secluded and there were less people on this beach. It was a great thing to do in Aruba and I would recommend it!


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