Roger's Beach Aruba

Roger's Beach is close to the famous Baby Beach. However, Roger's Beach is a better alternative if you are looking for a quieter place.
My boyfriend and I went to Baby Beach without the proper attire. We were expecting to just walk around and explore since we were at beaches the whole week. We drove 40 minutes to get to the island's edge and immediately realized we should have brought our bathing suits. We literally saw how beautiful the beach was and we immediately turned our car around to grab our stuff from our Airbnb. It took us over an hour to go back and forth, but it was well worth the drive. I wish we stayed at this beach the whole week instead of going to the touristy ones.
This place was secluded and there were locals all along the shore. The best part was that it was quite empty. There were a couple of local kids playing in the water and families relaxing underneath nearby trees. However, it still felt private enough to lay out and enjoy the view. Also, the sand was soft and the water was crystal clear! If you are in Aruba, this is the beach you would want to check out first. This beach is far from downtown, so you will need a car to get here. 
This was the perfect place to end our vacation. We literally watched the sunset and this was one of the biggest highlights of our trip. It will be a moment that I will never forget.