London Eats

London is a foodie's dream come true. There are so many great spot to go and eat. Here is a list of places I went to during my stay in London.

If you are in the mood for some Indian food, then this is where you need to go. The meals are so flavorful and delicious. This was my favorite place we went to go eat during our stay in London.

I was so excited when we stumbled on this market while we were roaming through the outskirts of London. It was such a cute market filled with so many awesome food stands and bars. It felt like a place locals came to to hang out and drink after a long day. It was such a hidden gem and worth the visit!

If you are in Notting Hill, then you should go to Rum Kitchen. You can find a little slice of paradise amongst the quaint streets of Notting Hill. The decoration makes you feel like you are transported to a beach in the Caribbean and the food here is so flavorful and delicious.

When you are in London, you have to go to a cute tea spot. Peggy Porschen is the place to go for a cute tea party. They have such cute decorations and the tea and pastries are scrumptious.

I have to tell you about one thing for you to go here! A slice of watermelon with watermelon ice cream inside of it with chocolate chips. Seriously this bakery has some really unique pastries and a memorable watermelon ice cream.

 If you are looking for a quick place to grab a bite and start your day, then you should go to Herman Ze German. It is a place to go and get a cheap meal before a long day ahead of you. The sausages are delicious and filled with a lot of toppings.

When you are walking to Tower Bridge make a stop at Yam Yam Bubble Waffles for a yummy treat. It is hidden inside of a train station, but it is a great pit stop for a snack.

Dim Sum in London is much needed for your Asian food fix. The food was authentic and everything tasted delicious! During your visit through Chinatown, visit Lotus Garden.

Hope this list helps while you are in London!
Plane Jane