Rui Republica: Punta Cana

During my trip in Punta Cana, I stayed in Rui Republica. If you are looking for a good place to stay during your visit, then I would recommend this resort. Here is some information to help you make your decision.

Basic Information
First of all, it is an all inclusive resort. Which includes food, drinks, and your room. However, it is an adult only resort, so if you have children this would not be the best option for you. The amenities are great and the resort itself is beautiful and well-maintained. CLICK HERE for the website to book your stay.

What I liked
I loved many things about this resort. Here is a list of things I loved about Rui Republica:

1) Ambiance: First of all, it was so beautiful. There were so many sections of the hotel that were unique. 

2) Pools: I loved how they had different sections of pools. If you wanted to drink and party, they had a pool designated for that. If you wanted to lay out and relax there were couple of pools designated for that. Also, they had an awesome water slide at the resort too! I'm sad to admit that I did not have time to go on the rides because there were way too many other things to do (like eat, sleep, and drink..haha).  

3) Food and drinks: I cannot rave enough about the food here! They make sure they feed you well and that they give you enough of everything you want. Seriously, they had huge chunks of raw fish, thick slices of meat, and even endless amounts of seafood. During the Christmas eve dinner, they gave us scallops, king crab legs, lobsters, shrimps, and the list goes on. Believe me, their food will not disappoint you! In addition, the bars are well maintained. There is usually no wait and the bartenders give you your drinks quickly. 

4) The Beach: The beach was right on the resort, so it was so easy to get to and from the beach. Also, I noticed that when you walked down the shore to the other resorts the beach was not as clean and nice. All the way to the right, there was a big pile of seaweed that made it impossible to even get into the water. At Rui Republica, the water stayed free of seaweed. I have read reviews of other resorts in Punta Cana that have a horrible seaweed infestation.

5) The Party Vibe: Is you are looking for a place to have fun and party, then this is the resort for you! Again, it is an adult only resort so you can hear people party all night. There is a bar that stays open 24 hours and they have shows throughout night.  

6) Cleanliness: They make sure they keep their resort clean. I always felt like everything at the resort was sanitary. They made sure they cleaned our room everyday and they kept it neat and tidy. 

Things that Could Improve
There were a few things that could be seen as cons depending on what you are looking for:

1) Service: I wouldn't say the service at Rui Republica is the best. The workers keep to themselves. When you walk through the halls, they don't really bother you (which personally I liked). 

2) The Noise Through the Night: Again, since people are partying all night this can cause an issue for people who sleep early. There were many nights where I woke up because of drunk people walking and screaming throughout the halls. Even right before falling asleep, I had a hard time because the music from the lobby was way too loud.

Final Thoughts
I recommend this resort for younger people who are looking for more of a lively scene. The food and drinks are great. Most importantly, you can't miss out on the beautiful beach of Punta Cana! Let me know if you have any questions. If you did stay in Punta Cana, let me know how it went!