Things to do in Miami

There were so many things to do in Miami. Here is a list of things you can do on your trip.

1. Art Deco District 
I want to go back to Miami to explore more of this area! Seriously, how can you not love the pretty buildings that are fun pastel colors and made with such an adorable design. It makes you feel like you were transported to the 1930's. I especially loved the art deco theme on the beach. There were cute umbrellas and chairs! Believe me, this will be your favorite area in Miami! The photos below were taken near the beach at Faena. 

2. Vizcaya Museum and Garden
If you are in Miami, you need to make a trip to Vizcaya. Here you will find a little piece of Italy in Miami. There is a beautiful garden and mansion that you can roam around. The mansion is gorgeous and the garden is even more breathtaking. It costs $22.00 to get into the museum and garden. If you have a students ID you can get a discount and pay $14.00.

3.  Faena 
This is a GOLD MAMMOTH! I feel like there is nothing more I have to say to convince you to go here. In a golden tank there are golden fossils of a mammoth. It is all surrounded by beautiful palm trees! Seriously every photo you take here will be perfect:) Just walk through the hotel and go outside and right by the bar you will see it.

4.  Go to the Beach
The beaches in Miami are perfect! The water is crystal clear and it is a perfect blue hue. Just take a towel and lay out in the sun and swim in the ocean. 

5. Take Photos with the Lifeguard Stands
Miami is filled with endless lifeguard stands. Each stand is unique and different. There are pastel colored ones, neon colored ones, and even one with an American flag theme. It was impossible to get to all of them, but you can walk along the shore and pick your favorite ones to take photos with.

6. Eat at Malibu Farm 
If you want to feel like you are in Malibu, grab a bite at Malibu Farm. The view is amazing and the food was great. I liked how you could see the ocean as you enjoyed your food. CLICK HERE for my Yelp review of Malibu Farm.

7. Chill at the Pools in Miami
There are so many hotels/hostels with beautiful pools in Miami. Your stay will not be complete without a dip in the pool. I took my photos at Generator Miami. CLICK HERE to book your stay at this hostel. 

8. Eat and Take Photos at Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha
I do have to warn you that the food here is overpriced and not that great, but the place is an instagrammer's dream come true. They have a wall with pink flamingos and a beautiful couch adorned with tropical pillows. Not a bad spot to check out if you want to eat and take cute photos.

9. Design District 
I am so happy that I went here! My friend and I were on the verge of not going here and only going to Wynwood, but we decided at the very last minute to check it out. It is a shopping area with an artistic twist. There are cool structures and beautiful designs throughout the shopping center. If you appreciate art, you will appreciate this area! You have to check it out.

10. Go Hotel Hopping
I am not kidding when I say that Miami has the most beautiful hotels all concentrated in one area. All the hotels have a gorgeous bar, hotel restaurant, pool, and decor. Each hotel is unique and has different themes. My friend and I just walked into different hotels to hang out and look around. I took these photos at Edition. 

11. Go Bowling at Basement 
Basement is a night club, but in one section you can go bowling and ice skating. However, it's not just regular bowling and ice skating, it's a rainbow bowling alley and a rainbow ice skating rink. It is so pretty! You have to check it out when you are in Miami. It was expensive, so I just went to look at it... while I was at the club... hahaha. Hopefully, you can actually go bowling here. 

Let me know if you found this list helpful!
Plane Jane


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