Places to Visit in York, Pennsylvania


I just moved to York, PA and I am in love with all the peaceful and fun places you can visit! 

York, PA is the perfect place to come for a weekend getaway if you live in the DMV area. It is an hour and a half from Washington, D.C. and an hour away from Baltimore. 

I looked everywhere for a good list of places to visit in York and I couldn't find many, so here is a list of places I recommend! 

1) Gray Apple Market

Address: 2700 N Susquehanna Trail, York PA 17406 

Gray Apple Market is a store that sells home decor. However, the place is gorgeous and has a lot of places for photo opportunities. They have decorations out for every season and holiday. Not to mention, they organize flea markets and have other vendors from the area come to collaborate for events. They even have a sunflower field in the summer! This place is a must when you are in York. 

Address: 3465 Deininger Rd, York, PA 17406 

Hours of Operation: M-F 10AM- 5 PM & Sat, Sun 8AM-5PM 

Hueter's Greenhouse is a fun place to visit! It is family friendly and kids will love it here! It is a greenhouse and has a lot of plants. Also, the place is nicely decorated and even has a fun fairy garden! Make sure you walk around the whole area to find the garden! 

Address: 105 S Howard St, York, PA 17401

Did you know that there are tons of murals in one location in York? The murals are endless and you can spend a good hour walking around this spot and looking at all the murals. This is my go-to spot when I need a photo location! 4. William H Kain Park 

Address: 274 Hess Farm Rd, York PA 17407

This is a great park to visit! It is peaceful and there is a beautiful hike! I seriously felt like Snow White because there were so many bunnies, butterflies, and other animals on the unpaved path! In addition, there is a scenic dock right by the parking lot. Make sure you look for the wooden path. 

Address: 107 Race St, Bainbridge, PA 17502 (This is where you can park) 

This place is 35 minutes away from York. It is worth a day visit during your stay! Park at the address listed above and walk the trail to reach the White Cliffs of Conoy. The walk is easy and about 30 minutes on flat pavement. Once you reach the cliff (on the right) you can sit and soak in the view on top of the white cliffs. It doesn't even feel like your in PA because it is so surreal. Afterwards, climb down to the water. People wade in the water and even sit on the rocks to relax and enjoy the day. I've been here three times since moving to York. 
Address: 110 Ducktown Rd. York, PA17406 

If you are in York, you have to visit a farm. I highly recommend this farm. When I went, they had a pumpkin display up for fall. In addition, they had flower gardens, pumpkin patches, a sunflower field, a corn maze, and so much more! Not to mention, they have a farm market filled with homemade desserts and various dairy products, meats, and jams! I left the market with a basket full of stuff! 

Address: 90 Indian Rock Dam Rd, York, PA 17403

Here is another fun farm you can visit! They have cows there and even a shop to buy fresh milk and ice cream. I would recommend the large sundae! 
Address: 885 S Pleasant Ave, Dallastown PA 17313

Wyndridge Farm is close to York and I would say by far the best food and drinks in town! I went in the fall and there was a corn field right behind the restaurant. This place would be beautiful even if it wasn't fall. It is also a wedding venue, so you know it's going to be a gorgeous spot! 

9. Richard M. Nixon County Park
Address: 5922 Nixon Dr, York, PA 17403

I am so happy I found such a gorgeous park so close to home! I know where I will be going for walks now! I mean just look at the gorgeous pictures I took at this location! 
Address: 197 Shoe House Road, York, PA 17406

A shoe house. Do I need to say more. Oh, wait I forgot to say you can get ice cream from inside the shoe! How neat is that? You need to add this to your places to visit while you are in York, PA! 
Address: 445 Blossom Dr. Mt Wolf, PA 17347
CLICK HERE to read more about this amazing location. 

This place is a hidden gem and I can't believe I found out about it now! You have to check it out. They are only open on Saturday from 11AM-2PM. They told me that in the summer they open on Wednesdays too, so make sure you check the times before you go. 
Address: 140 Vintage Dr. Bainbridge, PA 17502 

What a great vineyard to visit. It is gorgeous and has such a relaxed vibe. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Not to mention, the wine is delicious. I felt like I stepped into Napa Valley. You definitely need to visit this place.

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Comment anywhere else you would recommend in York. Also, I hope you can visit all these beautiful places!