Neutral Fall Favorites for 2020


I have been into neutral colors lately. I put together a list of fall neutral finds that you can easily shop! Just click on the images at the bottom of the page!

As I have been getting older, I have been gravitating towards neutral colors. I just want to stock my closet with more neutral pieces. They are timeless and will always be in style. Not to mention, they are so easy to style. See some of my pictures for fashion inspirations. 

I got this chunky white sweater from Amazon. I decided to get it in medium. I am usually a xsmall or small, but I wanted a chunky look and I am glad I went with a size up. The sweater fits me perfectly and the sleeves are snug on my shoulders!   
These two sweater dresses are the same, but in different colors. I am in love with how supple and soft the material is. Also, it is so hard to find sweater dresses that are a longer length and this one is perfect to wear without leggings or pants. Not to mention, they are so warm and will keep you nice and toasty during the fall months! 

Let me know what other fashion linked posts you would want!