A Bad Luck Charm in the Rain Forest

If you read my post Paddle Board in Search of Luck, then you will know that I am not a lucky person. Even worst, I am known as a bad luck charm. Sometimes it feels like nothing great comes from having me around. As a matter of fact, my constant misfortunes might even deter you from even being associated with me.

It is a fact that when you are on vacation and it starts to rain, you're in an unlucky situation. If you can't tell already this happens to me a lot. I go places and the rain follows me. Of course the day I was at El Yunque National Forest, it started to pour. But you know what, if you're in a rain forest and it starts to pour then you are in luck. Just embrace the rain drops. Who doesn't want to be in a rain forest without the rain as part of the equation?

I guess my bad luck turned out to be good luck.

Just an unlucky lucky girl
Plane Jane