Paddle Board in Search of Luck

When I was young, I always thought that people were born with luck. You know, the kind of luck when people win a raffle or find a perfect seashell in the midst of an endless shore.  However, as I am getting older, I am beginning to see that people are not born with luck. They create their own luck.

Now hear me out. Let's say that person A naturally enjoys all the twists and turns life gives them and they have a tendency to live in the moment. On the extreme end, person B is always looking straight ahead and fixated on the end goal. Who do you think will find that perfect seashell on that endless shore?

Most likely, person A will be lucky enough to stumble upon that shell. Now you ask me why? Even though these two people are in the same situation, they will create a different end result. If you are living in the moment, then you might notice that perfect seashell on the shore. Whereas the person focused on finding a spot to lay will simply walk past that very seashell.

Just like my name implies, I am the epitome of a Plain Jane. I have always been goal oriented and I have a hard time stopping to live in the moment. As I am getting older, I am beginning to see that the goal is not so important. Rather I should stop and relish in the small moments. 

Anyways, I read that if you get lucky you can see manatee in Laguna del Condado while you are paddle boarding. Can you guess how many manatee I saw? Yes, you guessed it. I did not see any.

You see, luck is what you make of it. Even though I did not see the manatee, I was lucky enough to enjoy the day with important people in my life. Maybe I did not see the manatee this time, but as I continue to learn to stop and enjoy the journey maybe I can see a manatee in the future. 

Luck is not given to you. Rather luck is something you create for yourself. It is still hard for me, and I have to continue to make a conscious effort to improve. Eventually, I will get this thing called luck to be on my side.   
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Let me know if you were lucky and saw a manatee! If you did see a manatee, I admire you so much <3

Plane Jane