Cruise Port: Saint Kitts

Saint Kitts was the final destination for our 8 day cruise on The Adventures of the Sea. I felt like it was a perfect way to end our journey. Here is what you can expect at the port of Saint Kitts. 
When you get to the port of Saint Kits, you will see a large area with shopping. We spent about an hour roaming the stores and buying souvenirs. They had areas with free wifi in the shopping center. However, the wifi was slow and unreliable. 

Also, there are a lot of people right outside of the port who will offer to take you on a tour around the island. I would highly recommend this experience. Just walk around and talk to the sale associates and they will entice you with a good deal. There were so many to pick from! We decided to go on a guided tour with Ecstasy Tours. It was an open safari truck that let us soak in all the views. It cost $25.00 per person and it included so much for the price we paid. They took us around majority of the island, we stopped to take pictures at the scenic overview of Atlantic Ocean, we stopped at the botanical garden, and we went to a beach. In addition, it included an open bar with beer and mixed drinks! Not to mention, they scheduled a time for us to get picked up to make it back on our cruise ship. 
Seriously, $25.00 for the whole day on this island was a steal! Let me know if you have any question or share your experience:) 

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