Hoops & Loops

I am obsessed with this outfit. I mean, look at all the hoops & loops.

I went to Aruba for Spring Break. During the last day of my stay, I went shopping in Downtown Oranjestad. I thought this was the perfect thing to wear to roam around. The weather in Aruba was surprisingly chilly when I went, so I was glad I brought my denim overalls. I mean, can we please talk about how cute the overalls are!? When I got them, I was contemplating if I should return them. However, I am glad I decided to take them on my trip. Initially, I was having a hard time finding a top that would complement the overalls. Luckily, I stumbled on this black crop top last minute before the trip. I love how it has the sleeves hanging on the side. This gives the whole look a polished vibe; the top shows just enough skin and covers just enough.

When I go on vacation, I like to take basic pieces and a ton of accessories. That way, I can reuse accessories to look stylish. I used my bandana everyday. For this outfit, I just folded it up, wrapped it around my head, and tied two loops to make a headband. However, you can use it as a hair tie or tie it around your bags. The possibilities are endless.

Recently, I have been obsessed with hoop earrings. I have been getting them in different styles. This one is bedazzled with silver gems and I thought it pulled the whole outfit together. It highlighted my round basket bag and round buttons on my dress.

If you are having a hard time thinking about what to wear on your vacation. Just wear your outfit and pile on a lot of accessories. Then, stick to a theme to pull the whole look together. Maybe next time you would consider hoops & loops. 
[ O U T F I T . D E T A I L]
OVERALLS: Forever 21
SHOES: Birkenstock
BAG: Kinilush
BANDANA: Banana Republic