What to Expect: Renaissance Aruba Private Island

When I heard about a beach with flamingos roaming in the water, I had to get there! Last summer, I briefly went to Aruba as a pit stop on a cruise ship. However, I did not go to the famous Renaissance Private Island because of the limited time and high cost. As a result, when I booked my next trip I made sure the destination was Aruba. This is a list of information I wished people told me before I went. 

1. You get access to the island if you are a hotel guest. 
We stayed at the Renaissance Aruba Resort. The cost per night is worth it if you want to go on their private island. If you are not a hotel guest, it costs $100 per person. I went with my boyfriend, so getting a room was well worth the cost. Not to mention, the hotel is gorgeous and they have a pool that looks out into Oranjestad. In the morning, we stayed at the private island and at night we went for a swim in the pool. We stayed for two nights and three days. However, when we asked the concierge if we could go on the island the third day, she said yes! 

2. There are speed boats that take you to the island.
There is a private speed boat that takes the guest to and from the island. It is such a relaxing ride. However, we did not know that the boat makes two stops. They have two resorts and make two stops for each resort. Make sure you get off the stop closer to your resort. The first day we ended up walking farther because we didn't know, but it wasn't a big deal since the walk was close enough. 

3. Bring your own food and drinks.
I thought they would be picky about what you could take on the island. However, they did not care at all. They have bar service and food on the island, but you can save a lot of money by taking your own. We took snacks, drinks, and water to enjoy the whole day.

4. Take quarters to feed flamingos.
Those flamingos are so hard to take a photo with. Even with the food, they were not very cooperative. You have to be patient and make sure you take quarters to the island to get food for them. They have a food dispenser right before the beach entrance. Hope you can get your Instagram perfect photo with this tip!

5. Explore the whole island.
The first day, we stayed in one part of the island. However, the second day we decided to explore the whole place and we discovered so many hidden gems. There was even a part where you could lay out on hammocks in the water! 
Hope this information helps!
Plane Jane


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