Aruba Eats

I am not kidding when I say that food in Aruba is delicious. I mean every place we went to, we were so satisfied and happy. I never had a bad meal in Aruba. Here is a list of places I ate at during my stay. I will list my most favorite place to my least favorite place. 

This was my favorite place in Aruba. My boyfriend and I went here three times during our week stay in Aruba (even though one of the days was a failed attempt). They have fresh fish and shrimp in coolers and you just go up to the counter and ask for the amount of fish and or shrimp you want. Afterwards, they literally fry the fish for you on the spot and bring it out to you. They even had delicious sides to go along with the meal. To top it all off, you are literally by the water and the whole experience is so memorable. Make sure you get coconut ice cream at the end of your meal!
This is a good place to come to for a nice dinner. The food was amazing and the ambiance was adorable. I loved how they printed their menus on a newspaper. When you are here, you have to enjoy their tasty drinks.
3. Linda's Dutch Pancakes 
Aruba has a lot of Dutch influence. It is also referred to as the Dutch Caribbean, so if you are in Aruba you need to make sure you make your way to Linda's Dutch Pancakes. This is the perfect place to come to for breakfast or brunch. They have savory pancakes and sweet pancakes. I would describe them as a mix between crepes and pancakes. Not to mention, the pancakes are huge!
4. Kamini's Kitchen
This is the perfect place to go if you are visiting Baby Beach or Rogers Beach. The food here is delicious and unique. They make Caribbean curry, which was something I have never tried. You have to try the goat and mussel curries. The service here is great too and the staff is super friendly.
5. Tango Argentine Grill
This is a good place to come to at night. There is outdoor seating which is perfect for a relaxing night. We sat outside and listened to live music and people watched. I would recommend the escargot. It was so flavorful and buttery!
6. Super Food Plaza
Okay, this one shows how low class I am, but seriously guys this place is the best! Super Food is actually a super market in the center of the island, but this place has amazing food. My boyfriend and I went here everyday. If you go in the morning, you can snag some really tasty pastries from the bakery. My favorite was the Dutch sausage rolls. Not to mention, they had such a large selection of unique cheese. They even had a purple lavender cheese which was interesting. I suggest doing a wine and cheese night while you are in Aruba.
7. The Paddock 
This is a good location to go and eat if you are in the touristy area. We came and ate here right when we landed in Aruba. The ambiance is perfect and let's you know you are on vacation. It is right by the water and you can see the cruise ships right in front of you. This is not a bad choice if you are hungry after a long day of traveling.
8. Cuba's Cookin'
Did you know that right before Easter all the local restaurants are closed in Aruba. Well, we didn't know that, so we ended up driving all around Aruba to find a place to eat and there was nothing that was open. So we thought that if we went to the most touristy area there had to be something open. Luckily, our plan worked out and we found Cuba's Cookin'. The food was good, but pricey. I would have probably wanted to try something else. However, if you are in Oranjestad then this is not a bad option.

Hope you have a fun, fat, foodie adventure in Aruba!
Plane Jane