Eat and Drink: Maui, Hawaii

 What to Eat and Drink in Maui, Hawaii

There were so many places to eat and drink in Maui and I will share the locations I loved and I know you will love too! 

Do yourself a favor and book a reservation at Lineage ASAP! I seriously need to go back to Maui just to try more of their drinks, dishes, and desserts. You need a reservation here to be seated. We were lucky enough to get a seat at the bar because the place was booked.
Yes, you need to do yourself another favor and get yourself a reservation at Fleetwood's on Front Street. Seriously, this was the best wagyu beef Wellington that I have ever put into my mouth. I will be dreaming about this forever. Again, you need to make a reservation at this spot. I don't know why but places in Maui get booked real quick.
When my husband took me to a wine and liquor store to get poke, I was initially confused. I asked him to show me pictures of the poke. The moment I saw the pictures, I knew we had to go inside. The poke here is amazing! It is the best poke ever and now all other pokes are ruined for me.
What a fun place to get some really good cocktails! All the drinks we ordered were perfect. Also, the vibe of this place is so fun and the bartenders are friendly and energetic.
A cute food truck to check out during your stay at Maui. The food is fresh and I love how they grill their food on an open flame. Also, the area is super fun to walk around in. There was live music and an open market.
You do NOT need reservations for this place. They have a cashier up front where you order your food and drinks. It does take a long time to order your food because they only have one cashier (you need to recalibrate your brain to Hawaii mode for this line LOL). After you order your food, the drinks and food come out quickly. Pro tip: go to the bar and get a drink while you wait in the long line.
I liked the poke here, but it wasn't as good as Tamura's. However, I feel like if you are in Maui most people stop by Eskimo Candy, so you need to give it a try. I was happy after the meal and you will be happy too!
The dim sum here was good. There were some things that I really loved and some stuff that was just okay. The dim sun was not authentic, but it did have a fun Hawaiian twist which I enjoyed. My favorite was their pork buns and pineapple buns. I went during COVID, so they were only doing drive through dim sum.
Honestly, the food and drinks here are not that great. However, the vibe and the ambiance make up for it. I would recommend this place for the fun and chill vibes. I had super low expectations for this place, but the place was so cute and exceeded my expectations! I loved the live music, outdoor seating and all the fairy lights.
A good spot to get a quick bite to eat in the morning. They have coffees and breakfast sandwiches. I would plan to go here if you are doing a beach day and don't want to waste too much time getting breakfast.
Stop by here on your way to see Hana Town. They open at 7 AM, so right before going to Road to Hana, my husband and I got breakfast here.
A quick place to get coffee. They have a drive through on the other side of the food truck, so make sure you use that! This was our go-to coffee spot during our trip!
During your trip on Road to Hana, you need to stop by Thai Food by Pranee for lunch. They are open from 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM. After a long day, this Thai food will hit the spot. I loved how they gave huge portions and put a lot of vegetables into the dishes. 
I mean if you are in Hawaii you need to make sure you get a pineapple dole whip. It's not the best thing ever, but it's a staple while you're in Hawaii. It's tart, sweet, and creamy. If you're not a tart person, I would skip this.
We came here twice during our week stay in Maui. We got the LocoMoco both times. We wanted to try the fried masubi, but they were sold out both times.
A fun Tiki bar that you should visit at night. The food is ehh, but the night life is good here. There is music, and it's very lively. If you are looking for something fun to do at night, this is your answer.

Hope this list helps you on your travels!